Pour Out Your Heart



Welcome to the re-launch of Kidspired Creative, formerly Kidspired Creations!  Same designers, same heart, but with a new and improved vision!  Brooke, Crista and I have been working together with a common love for art and design for the past few years.  Together we have been hand-making paintings, decor, clothes and more.  Our hands have been so full, our minds a little over-extended, but our hearts overflowing as we have loved making beautiful things and honing our crafts.

We have reached the stage in the Kidspired journey where we are at a crossroads:  is what we do a hobby? or a business?  As our younger kids are growing older and closer to school-age, we want to take the plunge – a giant leap of faith – holding hands with our God, and with each other, to turn Kidspired Creations into a thriving business: Kidspired Creative.

Our new and improved website and online shop, and our partnership with a manufacturer, will allow for our designs to find their way into homes around the world!  The possibilities are endless and we are so excited, and legitimately terrified, to be on this huge adventure together.  Will you please be praying for us and our new path (which feels more like a giant freeway)?

I feel like we must explain the core of why we do what we do – and why we are feeling called to take this new journey… but first, I need you to take a short trip back in time to…

Lamentations.  It is hard to read this book of the Bible.  The author, Jeremiah, speaks of the wrath of God, His anger toward His children for their disobedience and corrupt ways.  Some Christians like to glaze over the parts that show God disciplining His people.  It is hard.  Way too hard to see our loving Father in this light.

But I get it.  We discipline our children the same way that God disciplines His: out of love.  His heart breaks for us the same way ours breaks for our children when they do not obey.  I wonder if God gets annoyed with us the same way I do when I’ve asked my son to do something for the one millionth time.  Probably.  Because just like my son, I have selective hearing.  Unlike me, God probably does not have to put Himself in time out before disciplining because his anger is not full of sin like mine is.

So there is this little breath that I see in the book of Lamentations that comes in the second chapter.  This breath is what we can do to make God’s heart leap for joy.  He simply wants us to “pour out our hearts like water” to Him.  In everything we do.  I imagine a child showing his parent something that he made… the grin on his face, eyes wide.  To talk to Him on and on and on and on and on and ask Him a million questions.  To constantly yearn to curl up in His lap.  To seek His face when we are sad, happy, mad, excited. And then to curl up in our beds at night to tell Him all about our day.  Pour out our hearts to Him.  Sing to Him.  Lift up our hands.  Praise Him.

What if we did this to Him out of desperation?  “…for the lives of our children.”  How does that change the way in which we pour out our hearts?  Take every fiber of our being that loves our children to the depths of our cores… like that kind of uncontainable, spilling flood of love poured out to Him.  For the lives of our children.  Jeremiah, the author of Lamentations, is not talking about spilled milk here.  He’s talking about closing up the Red Sea type of pouring.  Wow!  I don’t quite think my delicate spirit wants to explode with that much emotion… but this is what God most wants from His children.  And since God has designed us all differently, this type of faith is expressed differently through each of us.

So how does this pertain to Kidspired Creative?  Well, through art, sewing and design – these are just a few ways in which God designed us to pour out our hearts to Him.  When our designers create art, decor, and clothing – this is our joy overflowing, this is our heart song, this is us leaping and praising God for us to be able to serve others through our crafts! This is our way to use the hands that God has gifted us to make beautiful things.  And you better believe that we have poured time, energy and love into these projects.  We have yet to master that Red Sea type of pouring on a daily basis, but we try!  The stronger our focus, the better our business, the more we will be able to do for the glory of His kingdom.  I hope you are as excited as we are!


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In what ways has God gifted you to be able to pour out your heart?